design, supply and installation of advanced optimised renewable energy systems

Property Developers

  • Enhance the resale of rental value of your development by reducing the occupier’s energy costs
  • Generate a tax free income for yourself or the occupier
  • Get marketing leverage from a GREEN development.

Over 30 years’ experience installing hand -made kitchens in homes throughout the UK has given us a reputation for quality and craftsmanship second to none. The pursuit of excellence in design and installation and attention to detail which is the basis for our reputation which we have also applied to renovating town houses and country properties is now being brought into service for the installation of the latest in renewable energy technologies

Interest free loans are available for most businesses from the Carbon Trust.

We never forget we are working on someone's home.

Domestic Examples

Quality is about more than the finish of individual components – although we have taken great care to select products which are manufactured to the highest specifications and standards.
Quality is also about suitability for purpose – as perceived by you the customer – aesthetic appearance in keeping with the property, price/performance, reliability and – especially in the case of efficient heating systems – control especially where multiple heat sources are available e.g. Solar, wood burning stove with back boiler backed up bey an oil fired rayburn.

That is why we offer a range of options, so that we combine all of these factors in the design of a system tailored to suit your budget, energy needs, lifestyle and dimensions of your property.

A swimming pool could become enjoyable all year round - without costing the earth – a 30 tube Apricus collector has the same effect on your carbon footprint as landscaping with 240 trees in your garden!

All the components we use are not only solarkeymarked and /or MCS approved as required for MCS tariff approval, they have been specifically designed to perform at much higher temperatures than those found in a traditional heating system.

Mounting systems have been specially designed for each installation type – slate, clay tile or concrete tiles, flat roofs or ground mounting. All components are of stainless steel manufactured to the highest specification to give many, many years of trouble free service.

Solar PV - a business case

  • Annual usage – 120,000 kWh
  • Roof area required - 1217 m²
  • Installation – 825 Hyundai M C PV Panels
  • Annual output (SAP annex H calculation) 122188 kWh
  • Savings on electricity bill (11p/unit) = £13,200
  • Income from Tariff – 29.3 p / unit = £35,801
  • Total annual value = £49,000 Investment required including installation = £375,000
  • Payback period (Interest free loan) = 7.7 years
  • Maintenance for cleaning £200 pa

Leaving 17.3 years income of £49,000 index linked

Total net profit = £867,300 = 231% + £13000 annual savings until end of life approx. an additional 10 – 15 years

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