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A solar PV installation has been listed as the most desirable ‘non-essential deal-sealer’ for potential property buyers in the UK.

A new survey published by mortgage lender ING Direct has revealed that the British public value solar panels over any other non-essential property extras. The current tough property market means that homeowners are increasingly looking at extra ways in which they can boost the attractiveness of their property and 38 percent of those surveyed listed solar panels as the most desirable property extra.

ING Direct believes that the surge in solar’s popularity is because the British public are increasingly becoming concerned with sustainability and cheaper energy costs.

Published below is the top ten list of most desirable property extras determined by ING Direct’s survey:

1. Solar panels (38 percent)
2=. Weekly bin collections (32 percent)
2=. Satellite TV connection (32 percent)
4. Greenhouse (25 percent)
5. Walk-in wardrobe (24 percent)
6. Good 3G signal (20 percent)
7. Giant bathtub (19 percent)
8=. Outdoor power supply (18 percent)
8=. Pantry or larder (18 percent)
Garden pond (15 percent)

The full list shows just how much solar technology has risen to prominence in the UK, beating out real estate stalwarts such as greenhouses and ponds to the top spot. More than 360,000 homes in the UK now generate their own energy thanks to a solar installation

Bio Mass Boiler Range

Jul 2, 2013

Bio Mass Boiler Range

Solway Solar announce a new range of high quality, proven bio mass boilers to suit domestic and commercial applications.

As always we have conducted a lot of research into identifying a high quality, reliable product which will give an efficient service and peace of mind over years of service – our choice is the ETA Heiztechnik range– an Austrian company dedicated to the production of high specification biomass heating boilers – with a reputation and track record for value and reliability second to none.

Thanks to ETA’s ever-expanding product range we are able to offer sustainable solutions for all types of businesses looking to utilise the very latest biomass technology, from small organisations to large commercial and industrial enterprises.


The range starts at a handy 20kW size and advances in small steps to over 200kW

Boilers can be twinned to increase output and there is a full range of matching fuel handling devices.

Pellet, wood chips and logs are all catered for and on some models a logs option can be combined with another fuel.