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Largest PV roof system in Scotland?

Aug 1, 2011

Largest PV roof system in Scotland?

Probably the largest roof mounted Solar PV system in Scotland installed at Garroch Business Park Dumfries

1,895 Hyundai Solar panels and 23 SMA inverters were installed across 6 roofs at the Garroch Business Park at Cargenbridge, Covering 2751 m²  - more than half a football pitch -  the system will bring significant income to the area from both Feed In tariff payments and savings in electricity costs.  Designed, supplied and installed on a tight schedule to meet the government’s deadline of August 1st for large scale solar installations, the system was commissioned on budget, 1 week ahead of schedule.

The estimated annual yield is 318,000 kWh or roughly the annual consumption of 92 average homes and reduces carbon emissions by over 1,300 tonnes per annum.