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Housing Associations and Public Sector

Local Authorities

Restraints and constraints

With the recent lifting of government restraints on local authorities selling electricity you may well be considering how best to take advantage of the change. You may also be considering how energy costs can be reduced to help cope with government spending constraints - reducing their energy costs AND adding the revenue from annual Feed In Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive payments.

We can help by providing:-

  • Detailed Performance Reports
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Projects involving large roof areas can show a net profit of well over 200% over 25 years and continue to save electricity charges and generate an income after that period. As you will no doubt know – in England there is the challenge of making all new homes 100% zero carbon by 2016. Level 4 becomes the minimum for new build in 2013 and to achieve this, 20-25% of the energy for a home’s space and water heating has to come from a renewable energy source.

With the Scottish government’s ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions – these, or even more stringent, standards may well become the norm for Level 6 legislation in Scotland.
There are also increasing levels of responsibility on public sector organisations to meet government environmental targets with local authorities currently paying energy bills of £1.4 billion a year and producing nearly seven million tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide. They now face the mammoth challenge of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050.

Housing Associations

Help in reducing fuelpoverty

Our SYSTEMS approach to renewable energy means that your Tenants could gain much more than low energy costs, the incorporation of advanced components in a system - for example low water content radiators and phase change thermal stores - also means low energy USAGE making it easier to meet anticipated legislation changes and lower carbon emission targets for housing developments.

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