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Grants & Tariffs

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Latest DECC information on the RHI

Reduce your energy bills, reduce wear and tear on boilers AND receive significant index linked income (some of which is excluded for income Tax purposes) for a period of ten to 25 years – depending on the type of renewable resource.

The Feed In Tariff for onsite electricity generation and the Renewable Heat Incentives for the installation of renewable energy systems for hot water and /or heating are both intended to provide realistic payback periods against the capital cost of installing renewables AND offer ongoing income for a number of years afterwards.

Among those eligible are homeowners, tenants, landlords, businesses, farmers, local authorities, housing associations, and schools throughout Scotland, England and Wales.

Fram time to time zero interest loans for most businesses are available through the Carbon Tust Other specialist grants are also available for specific purposes. Updated information can also be found at the Renewable Energy Centre web site.