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Renewable energy – the opportunity to use your existing assets to the full – timber – land – roof space to reduce your operating costs – generate a tax free income – increase the value of your property – gain marketing leverage from going green and create a significant nest egg for the future.

A farm or a country estate can be both a business and a home. The property (or properties) will have a number of natural assets already in existence which can be exploited to save on business costs and generate revenue eg

  • Large amounts of roof space for Solar Thermal or solar PV
  • A corner of unproductive ground or large garden for a groundmounted system
  • Space around properties for Air source heat pumps driven by power from Solar PV
  • Space for storing bio fuels such as wood chips or wood pellets
  • A ready supply of suitable timber available on site
  • Areas suitable for wind turbines

There may well be areas of the property or enterprise requiring significant expenditure of energy.

  • Heating large houses, holiday homes and swimming pools
  • Hot water for dairy equipment cleaning and other food processing
  • Grain drying
  • Greenhouse heating and soft fruit growing
  • Operation and control of cleaning, feeding and building environment controls

A swimming pool could become enjoyable all year round - without costing the earth – a 30 tube Apricus collector has the same effect on your carbon footprint as landscaping with 240 trees in your garden!

Solway solar can help to design and install integrated systems with sophisticated controls, which effectively exploit your assets to reduce one or more of the above – or perhaps other areas of energy expenditure not listed – and provide additional source of non- taxable revenue.

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