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design, supply and installation of advanced optimised renewable energy systems

Commercial and Business Property

Boost your balance sheet by

  • Reducing your energy costs
  • Increasing revenue
  • Creating a greener marketing image
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Invest in a retirement nest – egg!

Solway Solar Systems – a division of Hiddleston Joiners Ltd  with over 30 years’ experience in new build and renovations have a formidable track record in the installation of commercial PV systems with a combination of value for money, quality workmanship, a track record of successful installations and satisfied customers, reliable and cost effective products and installations and a focus on specifying and designing systems to meet individual customer’s needs – including reducing energy usage as well as energy costs. 

We pride ourselves on installing quality products, providing first class customer service and improving everyone’s quality of life via clean and green energy. 

As part of a building company we can call upon a highly experienced and professional team of graduate engineers and tradesmen who specialise in the installation of the very latest Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Systems and Solar Hot Water systems and have also extensive knowledge and experience in carrying out high quality alterations to buildings.


  • Over 3MW installed Photovoltaic capacity
  • 1895 panels installed at a single site, the largest roof mounted installation in Scotland we have the experience and the project management skills to deliver your project on budget and on time
  • Successfully tendered on a 75% quality/25% cost exercise to be selected by Dumfries and Galloway Council to fit over 4,000 panles across 19 public buildings – on time and on budget.
  • Specialising in large contracts gives us the purchasing power to deal directly with manufacturers
  • Project management services including design, planning permissions where required and liaison with DNO’s if required
  • Our first solar system was installed over 5 years ago
  • Over 30 year experience in the building trade – new build and refurbishments
  • Graduate electrical engineers who can design systems specifically for you
  • Many installations of controlled multiple energy source systems


Quality  All of the group’s activities emphasise the need for quality at all levels – refurbishing listed buildings, design and installation of top quality kitchens and hand built bespoke furniture and as an AGA dealer and Rayburn Guild Member. This culture of quality first has been extended to include the installation of our renewable energy systems. We never forget that quality includes fitness for purpose as viewed by the customer


Professionalism  Our project management services are backed up by an extensive range of software systems eg Health & Safety checks, PV & Solar Thermal performance reports, system design and installation planning enabling us to deliver a cost effective service.

MCS Accreditation (NAP 13631) for Solar Thermal and Solar PV

Membership of REAL- the consumer protection organisation for renewable energy installations

Interest free loans are available for most businesses from the Carbon Trust.

Solar PV - a business case typical installation 50kWp


Total cost exc VAT = £60,000

Annual energy generation = 39920 kWh pa

Total savings & income over 20 years = £301,723

Assuming 3% inflation & 8% energy cost inflation



 There are favourable tax incentives for renewables - consult your accountant for your advice relating to your own business

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