design, supply and installation of advanced optimised renewable energy systems

AGA/Rayburn Owners

Now You Can Go Green with your AGA or Rayburn!


  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Generate a tax free income

With our experience of being an AGA Rayburn Guild member since 1991, we are now well qualified to design and install renewable energy systems using one, two or more heat sources. Our installation team includes engineering graduates in electronic and electrical engineering so that you can be sure that the most effective control systems are being specified to suit your purpose.

We have used this experience to carefully select a range of options – if each component of a renewable energy system is closely matched to task, environs and other components within the system then dramatic increases in efficiency can be achieved over standard off the shelf offerings. That is why we supply a range of options and would carry out an on-site survey before making our recommendations.

So – if you want to enjoy the comfort and style of your AGA Rayburn AND reduce fuel bills AND help the environment contact us today!

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