design, supply and installation of advanced optimised renewable energy systems

About Us

Based near Dumfries, Solway Solar Systems has, as part of a group including an AGA dealer and Rayburn Guild Member, years of experience in installing hot water and heating systems. Our first renewable energy system (ground source heating) was installed 7 years ago. Since then we have installed solar thermal, air source heating, gasefying wood burning boilers, under floor heating systems and wood burning stoves with back boilers. Our team includes two graduate electrical and electronic engineers who can design and install the control systems required for multi- source heat systems - for example a combination of solar thermal panels and a gasefying wood burning boiler backed up by an oil-fired AGA.

All our products have Solarkeymark accreditation and include:-

Wagner Solar TechnologyFlat panel collectors and PV Panels - grid connected and off grid. 2008 and 2009 German Stiftung Warentest winner for highest yield and most cost effective system out of 13 systems tested.




Apricus Solar Hot WaterReliable, efficient, twin-glass evacuated tubes with copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer.